Crossing the Rubicon

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Introducing the Rubicon Managed Fund Asset Allocation Survey

Rubicon Investment Consulting are very pleased to announce (in case you haven't heard already) that we have recently expanded our core asset allocation monitoring service and now offer a like-for-like replacement for the Mercer Managed Fund Asset Allocation Survey. Rubicon Investment Consulting is a wholly independent firm with many years’ experience in producing fund performance and asset split data. We are in an excellent position to collate this data --- accurately, reliably and in a timely manner.

Earlier this year, Mercer Investment Consulting announced that they had decided to stop publishing their quarterly survey. In particular, they will no longer be compiling the managed fund asset split data that many investment managers rely on. We believe that this information remains pertinent and of interest to many parties. According to the most recent IAPF Pension Investment Survey (2013), 20% of Irish pension fund assets are managed against a peer group benchmark.

The Rubicon Managed Fund Asset Allocation Survey is available on a subscription-only basis. Please contact us for more information.