2021 Sees Strong Performances Across Irish Multi-Asset Pension Funds

During 2021, the Rubicon Multi-Asset Pension Fund Survey showed a very healthy return of 19.1% on average. Returns for the year ranged from 23.9% to 16.1%. Zurich Life occupied the top spot in the league table for the year, with the Prisma 5 fund, while New Ireland’s iFunds 5 delivered the lowest return of the funds surveyed.

Despite the challenges and volatility experienced over the past three years, the average return achieved by the 16 funds included in the survey during this period was 14.2% per annum. The best performing fund over this period was the Merrion Managed Fund, which delivered an impressive 20.5% per annum. The Irish Life Investment Managers Pension Managed Fund delivered the lowest return over this period – a still respectable 10.3% per annum.

Over the past 5 years, the survey average is a robust 8.5% per annum. Returns over this period ranged from 12.3% p.a. (Zurich Performance Fund) to 6.3% p.a. (Aviva MAF Dynamic Fund).

The longer term returns achieved by multi-asset funds are also healthy. Returns over the past 10 years have been 10.4% per annum on average. Over the past 20 years - a period which includes the financial crisis - the average multi-asset fund return has been 6.1% per annum.

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