Surge in Irish Pension Managed Funds During November

Irish pension managed funds surged ahead, by 8.0% on average, during November. New Ireland delivered the best performance this month with a return of 10.9%, while Friends First delivered the worst, with a return of 6.6%.

As a result of November’s gains Irish pension managed funds are firmly back in the black, with an average return of 4.2% over the first eleven months of 2020. This headline figure conceals a wide range of returns, however. Of the funds surveyed, Merrion Investment Managers’ delivered the best performance over the year to date, with a gain of 18.3%, while New Ireland’s underperformed the rest of the peer group, with a return of -5.3%. Over the past twelve months, Irish pension managed funds are up a respectable 5.1% on average. Returns for the past year ranged from +18.6% (Merrion Investment Managers) to -4.6% (Setanta Asset Management).

The average managed fund return has been 6.1% per annum over the past three years. The five-year average return is 5.3% per annum. Irish group pension managed fund returns over the past ten years have been a healthy 8.7% per annum on average.

The full table of results can be found over at our investment fund performance calculator.

Please note: The returns quoted are those experienced by a specific peer group of active balanced managed funds which are used by many pension schemes. Details of these funds can be found on our calculator help page. These returns may be viewed as a rough proxy for the performance of Irish pension funds in the “growth” stage; however, they do not necessarily equate to the experience of the pensions market as a whole, or of any specific pension scheme or member. Nor do they necessarily reflect the relative performance of the investment managers in relation to their broader offerings. These figures are provided for information only and do not constitute investment advice. You should always seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions.