Fund calculator user guide

Since 2005, our fund performance calculator has been widely used by trustees, fund managers, pensions consultants, actuaries, academics, journalists, politicians and people who wandered in accidentally. The following information should help with any questions you may have about our awesome tool.

Funds available

The fund calculator allows you to calculate the net returns on a price-price basis for the following funds:

  • Aberdeen Standard Investments — MyFolio Active V
  • Aberdeen Standard Investments — Pension Managed Fund
  • Aviva Investors — MAF Dynamic
  • Davy — DAM Select Managed
  • Davy — GPS Long Term Growth Fund
  • Friends First — Magnet Portfolio Fund (A73)
  • Friends First — Mixed Fund (A30)
  • Irish Life Investment Managers — MAP 5 (MAPG)
  • Irish Life Investment Managers — Pension Managed Fund (MR1)
  • Legal & General Investment Management — Multi-Index V Fund
  • Merrion Investment Managers — Managed Fund
  • New Ireland — iFunds 5
  • New Ireland — Pension Managed Fund (A17)
  • Setanta Asset Management — Managed Fund (Series D)
  • Zurich Life — Performance Fund
  • Zurich Life — Prisma 5 Fund


The earliest date from which returns can be calculated is 31 December 1985, or the launch date of the fund if later. The only exception to this is the Setanta Asset Management fund which was launched in 1981. However, prices have only been supplied to us beginning in 1988.


All returns over 1 year are annualised.

Performance data table

To run the calculator, make your selection (periods, end date, funds and calculations) and click the calculate button.

A table of results will be displayed. This will show the end date and the returns (to the specified number of decimal places) for the selected funds over the periods chosen. Averages and ranks may also be displayed — depending on your selection. The average is that of the funds you have selected and is not the overall Rubicon Multi-Asset Pension Fund Survey Average (unless you have selected all funds).

If you have selected a period which begins before the launch date of one of your selected funds—no return will be shown for that fund over the period (indicated by a dash '-'), and the average will be the average of the other selected funds.

The earliest date from which returns can be calculated is 31 December 1985. Therefore, if you select a period before this date, no returns will be shown for this period (indicated by n/a).

Obviously, selecting an end date that is in the future will yield no returns. Finally, returns for periods that are not available yet are indicated with n/a also.


While every care has been taken in developing this calculator and populating the database to which it is linked, no responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions howsoever arising. The information provided is intended as a general guide only. You should seek professional advice before taking any action on the basis of these figures.

Unit prices are provided to Rubicon Investment Consulting by each investment manager and the performance figures quoted herein are calculated on the basis of these prices. Rubicon Investment Consulting relies on the investment managers for the accuracy of the data provided and does not take any responsibility for any errors or omissions.


The data produced by this calculator are provided for your own use and remain copyright of Rubicon Investment Consulting. Should you wish to quote these figures to a third party you may do so, but you must state that Rubicon Investment Consulting is the source of the figures.